Hi! I'm Roberto
the data wisperer

As a Data Scientist and Web Developer, I am a SQL jockey, dbt ninja, Python/R sensei, Svelte/JS sommelier, Snowflake evangelist, and all around programming polyglot.

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About Me

I was born in New York, and always dreamed of becoming a Software Engineer. I imagined that I'd be designing operating systems, but after an automobile accident threw me a curve ball, I ended up working in Philadelphia supporting the marketing department for a small financial services company. Shortly after working all the key data science roles: Data Analyst, Analytics Engineer, Data Engineer, and Machine Learning Engineer, I became the Lead Analyst for the company. The rest, as they say, is history.

I've lived and worked globally and have had a blast collaborating on diverse teams and projects for delivering reproducible business insights, enhancing data-driven decision capabilities, and improving business processes.

Photo by Oliver Plattner on Unsplash